Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thank You INDIA!!

I have recently noticed I am the only one of my friends that have actually kept up with my blog and have stayed recent with my posts. My reason for continuing to post is because I continue to get page views. I figure someone out there is reading what I have to say and maybe, just maybe they care a little. I didn't start looking at my stats until more recently, mostly because I didn't know that feature was there. Something I thought was quite interesting was that I get quite a few viewers from other countries. My second biggest country (right under the US) was India! I have no idea why that is or if they understand everything I'm saying but I think it's really cool. Anyway, it made me really interested in things that are going on in other countries. I can't imagine people in India care too much about Lady Gaga's most recent scandal, or whether or not I wanna give free hugs or not. If you're not looking at this to read it, sorry, but that's just the whole point of a blog. I just think this is really cool, and it's something that has kept me going with my writing and gave me those wishful thoughts that people actually care about PEACE. Thank you people from the US, India, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, Croatia, Netherlands, Philippines for being my countries with the most views! :)