This blog is all about PEACE. My first blog post discusses my motivation to actually put the blog together but I have many other reasons why I picked peace over any other equally important issue. I want to share with you all my reasons behind the Increase The Peace Blog.
I have been called it all...hippie, tree hugger, earth muffin, etc., mostly because I am completely and absolutely willing to join the fight and save this earth. I want to spread my eager attitude and many opinions I have. I expect no one to agree with me but all I want is for people to see my side. I am a teenager so my writing probably isn't the most professional you will come across but I do think it is important for adults to understand how passionate some teenagers have the ability to be. I will discuss religion, media, politics, war, and many other things but every post will be tied into how I connect them with PEACE.
Most of my posts will not be my opinion toward specific topics though I might throw my view out there, I will not push it on anyone. I want more to pick out things some might not. Usually I will write about judgment with each topic. For instance, religious judgment (hating on other religions) or political judgement (hating on the party you are not a part of). My biggest point is that PEACE can only be obtained when the judgment has ceased from our reality. "You may say I'm a dreamer"...Anyway, point is, a lot of my posts are not debate topics, so much as respect for those debate topics. My spreading of knowledge of such judgment is all I can do for now...
I want to spread love and acceptance and I one hundred percent understand why anyone would not agree. It is a personal goal of mine to accept ALL opinions but if any comments disrespect any person, creature, religion, what have you, it will be deleted off the page.
I LOVE YOU ALL!! Thank you for helping me spread PEACE!! Make sure to read some of my posts and comment!! I want to hear from you guys, to see what you think! Help me make this world a better place for all of us.