Monday, June 13, 2011

So Yeah...

I got bored and I don't really have anything to write about so I'm just going to show you guys more pictures. Here you go, hope you like them. :3

I Like...No, LOVE :3

 I know everyone loves to see some cute quotes. Here are some that I have found that I absolutely LOVE.  May they inspire you as they have inspired me!! :D


So, I completely disappeared in back in May and my posts in April were pretty dumb and kind of pointless. I have a few reasons for that. First, my grandmother passed away in March. Which explains why I only had one post in March. Then, in April I was in a musical. That occupied almost all of my time so I never really had time to write or focus on anything outside of school and the musical. May was all about the end of school jazz. I had finals and this other stuff that just did not allow me to really sit down and think about anything peaceful. I'm sorry if more recent posts have been kind of silly and pointless but I think I've gotten back into the action this past month. My posts will have pics again because it seems as if I have forgotten that a post with no pictures is just plain boring. Anyway, back to the peace. My goal for the rest of the year is to really sit down and write as much as I can on here or on my other blog at least once a week. My other blog is going under major reconstruction so I promise I will try to make those posts less silly over there. So, anyway guys. I'm back, and I'm ready to focus yet again on peace and all that stuff. 
Told ya I'd get back into the picture thing. ;)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Jesus=Judas? huh?

I must warn you I have quite a lot to say about Lady Gaga's new(ish) song "Judas", and about Lady Gaga as a person. My next post will be about that because I just have so much to say.Confused by the title? Okay, I'll explain that first. See, there's this girl on YouTube, her name is irrelevant (and I kind of forgot) but I'm sure it would be easy to find her channel, for reference sake we will call her Judas Girl. Basically, she made a video saying that "Judas" is an evil song and all of Lady Gaga's fans will meet their Monster Mother in hell. Well, okay, that's the short version since the video is about four minutes long. I'm a little late on this, I know but I just haven't had the time to really sit down and write. So from the video I gathered immediately that this girl was a "troll", or someone who likes to start controversy on any kind of social media or networking sites. I would expect most people to gather (especially if you're Catholic like myself) that this girl knew very little about the bible saying things such as sex is a sin and Judas was another name for Jesus (kind of dumb right?). I didn't really care about what the girl was saying until I saw the comments people had posted below. Many people said hateful things to Catholics as a whole. I think that offended me more than the actual video. Also, very few people seemed to think it was a joke and had some...interesting things to say. Then I saw this other girl's video. Again, I don't know the name but basically she defended Catholics and said quite a lot of things that I completely agreed with her on. Then, I saw her video saying the Judas Girl was in fact a troll, which as I said before was quite obvious to me but apparently not everyone. She also said that she contacted Judas Girl through Facebook where she asked if the video expressed her real opinions. Judas Girl said she made her YouTube channel as a satire page and that she was Jewish and actually liked Lady Gaga. *sigh*...Okay, so first of all, to the people that were offended by this that were not Catholic- please DO NOT think that people like this can express the views of all of us Catholics. It was an ignorant joke that was taken a little too far. Many of us (and I include myself in that "us") actually like Lady Gaga and completely believe in equal rights. Trolls or not trolls please do not let one person's opinions express the beliefs of all Catholics (or any other religion for that matter). To those offended that were Catholic-get over it. Your personal beliefs should not be phased and don't let offensive comments make you hate anyone. My initial reactions were 1. That girl is stupid, and she should shut the heck up because her ignorance is ridiculous. 2. Okay, she's a troll. 3. Those commenters need to shut the heck up because they should not thinks all Catholics think this way. 4. She's freaking Jewish?! Why the heck is she making a joke out of my religion. 5. Shut up, get over it....time to start blogging again. So, yeah. I also just want to say that although things can be intended as a joke they can be VERY offensive. Posting something that can be seen by everyone must be posted with that thought that EVERYONE can in fact see it. So, all I have to say is use discretion when posting something public and although some jokes are funny, offensive ones are just...well, offensive.
Peace and Robots,
Killjoy ;D

Oh How I Have Missed Writing!!

AH! I've been gone for so long!! I have my reasons which I will later express in posts. I plan on writing two or three blog posts tonight so I'll be a little caught up. I have quite a lot to talk about and some new ideas that I'm dying to share. I'm thinking of completely recreating my other blog because I honestly just don't see the point in just writing about how my day has gone or something silly. I also plan to start making some YouTube videos. Though I must warn they will most likely hardly ever have anything to do with what I write on here. Anyway, I'm back, and I have tons of things to say we go!! :D