Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thank You INDIA!!

I have recently noticed I am the only one of my friends that have actually kept up with my blog and have stayed recent with my posts. My reason for continuing to post is because I continue to get page views. I figure someone out there is reading what I have to say and maybe, just maybe they care a little. I didn't start looking at my stats until more recently, mostly because I didn't know that feature was there. Something I thought was quite interesting was that I get quite a few viewers from other countries. My second biggest country (right under the US) was India! I have no idea why that is or if they understand everything I'm saying but I think it's really cool. Anyway, it made me really interested in things that are going on in other countries. I can't imagine people in India care too much about Lady Gaga's most recent scandal, or whether or not I wanna give free hugs or not. If you're not looking at this to read it, sorry, but that's just the whole point of a blog. I just think this is really cool, and it's something that has kept me going with my writing and gave me those wishful thoughts that people actually care about PEACE. Thank you people from the US, India, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, Croatia, Netherlands, Philippines for being my countries with the most views! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

So Yeah...

I got bored and I don't really have anything to write about so I'm just going to show you guys more pictures. Here you go, hope you like them. :3

I Like...No, LOVE :3

 I know everyone loves to see some cute quotes. Here are some that I have found that I absolutely LOVE.  May they inspire you as they have inspired me!! :D


So, I completely disappeared in back in May and my posts in April were pretty dumb and kind of pointless. I have a few reasons for that. First, my grandmother passed away in March. Which explains why I only had one post in March. Then, in April I was in a musical. That occupied almost all of my time so I never really had time to write or focus on anything outside of school and the musical. May was all about the end of school jazz. I had finals and this other stuff that just did not allow me to really sit down and think about anything peaceful. I'm sorry if more recent posts have been kind of silly and pointless but I think I've gotten back into the action this past month. My posts will have pics again because it seems as if I have forgotten that a post with no pictures is just plain boring. Anyway, back to the peace. My goal for the rest of the year is to really sit down and write as much as I can on here or on my other blog at least once a week. My other blog is going under major reconstruction so I promise I will try to make those posts less silly over there. So, anyway guys. I'm back, and I'm ready to focus yet again on peace and all that stuff. 
Told ya I'd get back into the picture thing. ;)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Jesus=Judas? huh?

I must warn you I have quite a lot to say about Lady Gaga's new(ish) song "Judas", and about Lady Gaga as a person. My next post will be about that because I just have so much to say.Confused by the title? Okay, I'll explain that first. See, there's this girl on YouTube, her name is irrelevant (and I kind of forgot) but I'm sure it would be easy to find her channel, for reference sake we will call her Judas Girl. Basically, she made a video saying that "Judas" is an evil song and all of Lady Gaga's fans will meet their Monster Mother in hell. Well, okay, that's the short version since the video is about four minutes long. I'm a little late on this, I know but I just haven't had the time to really sit down and write. So from the video I gathered immediately that this girl was a "troll", or someone who likes to start controversy on any kind of social media or networking sites. I would expect most people to gather (especially if you're Catholic like myself) that this girl knew very little about the bible saying things such as sex is a sin and Judas was another name for Jesus (kind of dumb right?). I didn't really care about what the girl was saying until I saw the comments people had posted below. Many people said hateful things to Catholics as a whole. I think that offended me more than the actual video. Also, very few people seemed to think it was a joke and had some...interesting things to say. Then I saw this other girl's video. Again, I don't know the name but basically she defended Catholics and said quite a lot of things that I completely agreed with her on. Then, I saw her video saying the Judas Girl was in fact a troll, which as I said before was quite obvious to me but apparently not everyone. She also said that she contacted Judas Girl through Facebook where she asked if the video expressed her real opinions. Judas Girl said she made her YouTube channel as a satire page and that she was Jewish and actually liked Lady Gaga. *sigh*...Okay, so first of all, to the people that were offended by this that were not Catholic- please DO NOT think that people like this can express the views of all of us Catholics. It was an ignorant joke that was taken a little too far. Many of us (and I include myself in that "us") actually like Lady Gaga and completely believe in equal rights. Trolls or not trolls please do not let one person's opinions express the beliefs of all Catholics (or any other religion for that matter). To those offended that were Catholic-get over it. Your personal beliefs should not be phased and don't let offensive comments make you hate anyone. My initial reactions were 1. That girl is stupid, and she should shut the heck up because her ignorance is ridiculous. 2. Okay, she's a troll. 3. Those commenters need to shut the heck up because they should not thinks all Catholics think this way. 4. She's freaking Jewish?! Why the heck is she making a joke out of my religion. 5. Shut up, get over it....time to start blogging again. So, yeah. I also just want to say that although things can be intended as a joke they can be VERY offensive. Posting something that can be seen by everyone must be posted with that thought that EVERYONE can in fact see it. So, all I have to say is use discretion when posting something public and although some jokes are funny, offensive ones are just...well, offensive.
Peace and Robots,
Killjoy ;D

Oh How I Have Missed Writing!!

AH! I've been gone for so long!! I have my reasons which I will later express in posts. I plan on writing two or three blog posts tonight so I'll be a little caught up. I have quite a lot to talk about and some new ideas that I'm dying to share. I'm thinking of completely recreating my other blog because I honestly just don't see the point in just writing about how my day has gone or something silly. I also plan to start making some YouTube videos. Though I must warn they will most likely hardly ever have anything to do with what I write on here. Anyway, I'm back, and I have tons of things to say we go!! :D

Friday, April 22, 2011


Has anyone ever done the Free Hugs sign thingy? I think it's pretty cool. I know during finals they do it at a lot of colleges and stuff. I think it's a good way to make someone's day. I personally haven't done it yet but I plan on doing it at some point...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dear Japan,

I haven't said anything about Japan yet. I have two major reasons for that. 1. I honestly didn't know what I could say. 2. I've been super-fantastically-out-of-my-mind busy and stressed. I still really don't know what I can say other than I am so very sorry and I sincerely hope that everything works out over there...We're keeping you in our hearts.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Zombies Vs. Unicorns

The title actually has everything to do with what I'm writing about. Since this is a PEACE blog you're probably wondering "what in the world does this have to do with peace?" Well, you might be, you might not because you might not care but I'm going to explain myself anyway. This is an epic topic, one that I feel holds us back from world peace. Why can't zombie and unicorn lovers live in harmony? Oh right, because it is absolutely impossible.  It's even more epic than the battle between Edward and Jacob. I will throw it out there. I am Team Zombie. Why? Because ZOMBIES ALWAYS WIN. 2012 is the zombie apocalypse, it's a well known fact by those that are highly awesome. Feel free to be Team Unicorn, I will not try to push you into my epic and absolutely  amazing side of team-ness and stuff. I hope the unicorns come to save you when the world is at it's end. This was brought up by the book, Zombies vs. Unicorns. So, yeah...
**This is not a serious post, I just got bored.
I know it's been like, FOREVER since I last posted but honestly I had no idea what to write about. I have recently had an epic amount of inspiration so new posts will be on their way.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby, I Was Born This Way!!

So...Lady GaGa...Some call her crazy, I call her pretty dang cool. I don't think you can really call any artist crazy if you don't know them on a personal level. That's totally not what I want to talk about but I do kind of want to talk a little bit about media. Why do people tend to pay more attention to negative media? Since when is it admirable for guys to sing about "bangin hot chicks". The thing that absolutely baffles me is how women listen to this music. Women fight years to get equal rights and yet it's extremely common to find a women who has absolutely no problem with "artists" disrespecting their... feminineness. Not saying I'm feminist or anything. Women in the media do it to. Of course, it's just far more common with rap. Not saying I don't listen to rap, because I do. The thing that bothers me with women in the media however is how they make it soooo easy for men to talk. Almost all of them expose themselves and have racy, sexual songs. Lady GaGa of course is definitely one of those women that exposes her nasties all over the place. I just like her music, I don't know her personally. That's the matter how much you want to disrespect music artists for the racy stuff they do, it's like you can't because almost every artist out there is doing it. I don't really have any kind of point to this...It's just kind of random babbling. Not my best post, I was just thinking about it. Maybe later I'll able to develop a full idea on this...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Intentions Mean Very Little

When you put something out to the public you generally have a very specific intention on people's reaction should be. Most of the time, it has to do with how you think you would react. Sometimes you don't think about possible reactions and you just let out whatever seems to pop up in your brain. Those are the times that start scandal. Though your intentions could have been completely innocent, most of what is let out can not be taken back. You can try to dilute whatever has come out of it, but with the internet everything is very public and very open. For example, did any of you hear about the girl on YouTube that posted a video crying and yelling at the people who have left hateful comments. Her father appeared on the screen yelling very loudly. The girl was only eleven and almost all of her videos had very blunt profanity and inappropriate language for such a young kid. Her last video that included the intense yelling made her a YouTube star. Of course, not in the way she intended. Her videos were just for fun I suppose but when her last video went viral almost every YouTuber felt the need to make fun of, someone even made a remixed song out of it. Her intention was to make all the haters leave her alone but it led to thousands of people laughing at her expense. That video and all her others will never go away. Her YouTube channel was deleted but with the amount of people using her clips to make fun of her she will never go away. The same goes for any kind of social networking posts, blog posts, text messages, everything that uses a computer to write. This isn't about bullying because I've already talked about that. I just want to tell you all to think ahead of what people's reaction might be. Posting something that can be possibly offensive is not a good idea. EVERYONE can see it!! If police see it there can be punishment despite the fact that might not have wanted to hurt or offend anyone. Think about what you say because people interpret things in different ways...Just try to be respectful when you say something and listen to what people have to say even if you don't entirely agree with it. =)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kiss Me Goodbye, I'm Defying Gravity!

So tonight I saw the play Wicked. I was absolutely inspired. I decided I get inspired by incredibly random stuff. Anyway, if you haven't seen Wicked or read the book (which I have yet read so I don't really know if it's like the musical) it's basically about the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba. She's not evil, but because of appearance people assume she is. A lot of people treat Elphaba mean and rude before they even talk to her. She is truly a good person and no matter how hard she tries to get people to see that, only a couple people really give her the chance. You think I'm going to write about not judging based on appearance right? Wrong, I've done that enough already. Though the play is AMAZING and the music is absolutely epic, the thing that has made me crazy is how freakin' fabulous these people's voices were!! Not seeing where I am going with this? Just wait a little...Seeing them up there just made me think how I could never see a single one of them as a doctor or a lawyer. Their talent just radiated off the stage and I don't think they could be anything else but performers. Yes, I've seen plays and musicals before but I've never really tried to think about their talent much until I actually got a valid opinion on what "talent" is. Seeing people up there doing the best they possibly could at the thing they loved the most is what made the play amazing. Those people truly care about how well they're doing, and we all should care about our jobs right? Thing is, that takes me to the thought of hating my future job. It's a scary thought right? How I'm going to make a life for myself is one of the weirdest and hardest things to think of EVER. At some point I came to the conclusion that we all have voices. I'm far to young to really know what mine is yet, I still have time. We all have a mark to leave on the earth. I don't think we really know how we're changing people, even when we are.  The performers I saw tonight were quite literally, using their voices to make themselves known. Though you might not be a singer, your talent is your voice. I don't know what you wanna be when you grow up but when you get there, just remember that you're changing people's lives. You don't have to be known world-wide to help change the world. Don't let anyone stop you from being who you are. Don't let anyone stop you on your path to be you. Change the world!! DEFY GRAVITY!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stop The Hate, Congratulate!!

Will you people just stop hating on one another so dang much!! You are not better because of what you look like or where you come from. Thinking you're above someone else doesn't mean you're going to exceed in life. You're background doesn't define your future. No one is ugly, stupid, unworthy, or whatever else you want to say. We're all just people, and no one can make you something you're not. Confidence is something a lot of us lack, but it's because of those people that want to make other feel down, below them. Every single person is perfect, no one is more perfect than another. We all have talents and we're all special. I'm not saying you shouldn't be jealous because that's just human, and sometimes it makes you push a little harder to do better. That doesn't mean that once you have succeeded that you should think of yourself as better than anyone. We should all be happy for each other, applaud one another's talents.
I know this blog won't change the world. Maybe no one in the world even cares but if I can just inspire one person to be a little nicer to another than I've succeeded in increasing the peace. =)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Complaint About Complainers

Seriously if you're going to complain about something and it really bothers you then you should do something about it. Best place for people to complain? Facebook. That's all there is!! Complaints about school, friends, EVERYTHING!! I'm not going to say I don't complain because that would be the biggest lie EVER. It just bothers me when the only thing people want to talk about is how suck-ish something is, but they won't actually take a step to change things. Like I said, I complain, and I don't usually do things about it but it's not the only thing I like to post on Facebook.

ps...this is my way of doing something about complainers...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Today I Was Forced to Think...uh oh...

So today at school we learned a little about Columbine and a lot about the first girl killed in the Columbine shooting, Rachel Scott. Some representatives from Rachel's Challenge talked to us about how they are making Rachel's voice heard, even now that she's gone. Basically, Rachel's Challenge calls for us to be kind to others and be grateful for those in our lives. That's not all of course, but if you want more information you can go here ---> So, anyway, it made me think. A lot of what we were told was that she wanted to make a difference. She didn't want to be ordinary or average, she saw herself changing people's lives. Obviously, Rachel's dreams came true because she's inspiring so many people (including Chuck Norris, hold the jokes) to start a chain reaction of kindness. Her story absolutely inspired me!! It was a little depressing but it made me...think.
First, Rachel stood up for the underdogs. The kids that people thought weren't good enough. We all should do that. Make people feel accepted. Why? Put yourself in those kid's shoes. Not having friends, felling self-conscious, insecure, and all you want is a friend to talk to. I'm not say we should make friends with everyone we see but we can all use a few more friends. Be nice to other people, that's something I think we can all do.
I started to think about who I want to be and the people in my life that will help me get there. I ultimately want to be a writer, and possibly a teacher. It just doesn't seem like enough though. I want to be an activist for peace. Whoever reads what I write, I went them to be inspired. I want them to feel like they can make a huge difference, even if it's just something they think of as small. That's what Rachel wanted to do. Writing is the only thing I know how to do that I think can really reach out to people. I knew what I wanted to write, but I never knew what. Then i thought about it. Why would I influence people with negative thoughts when I can inspire!!
I also thought about how much i'm inspired by people, even when I don't realize it. I want to thank you all for inspiring me to do what I do. I love everyone. I used to say I love everyone until they give me a reason not to but i realize that's not fair. Sometimes people are having a bad day, or dealing with something I have no idea about. So, I love everyone. There's good in every single person and great potential to inspire.
Be like Rachel, refuse to be considered average. You're not and all you need to do is work a little harder to be heard. Thank you Rachel Scott for inspiring me today, and everyone else I know or meet for inspiring me every other day.

I Can't Even Believe This

So, I was only going to post once tonight but I found the most amazing video on Youtube!! I was so surprised it only has about twenty thousand views because I absolutely LOVE this!!
Here it is --->  Please, please, PLEASE watch this because I think it is so absolutely fantastically amazing...You guys think we can make that movie a reality in 11/11/11? I think so, but just watch the video. It seriously made me cry!! =)

I spent a little more time on Youtube and found yet another video, and really whole channel that absolutely inspired me. See? Youtube isn't just a place for people to try and get famous off of!! I love this channel. If you have the ability to help, I really hope you do because it's simply amazing. This is the first video I saw (which made me cry) but if you go through some of the other videos they are just...AMAZING!! INSPIRING!! FABULOUS!! Every good word you can think of is really what this whole thing is about!!

I want to  thank the vlogbrothers because I found out about these through their channels. Go check them out too but their videos don't have much to do with peace haha.

I love these videos and I really hope you take the time to watch them!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh Yeah! Midnight Post!!

So...I really have nothing to say but I try to post as often as I can and I just haven't lately. I have no reason why I haven't..I really just haven't sat down to write anything. I like how just a few days without posting feels like a really long time to me. I think I'm addicted...Do they have a support group for that? Something like The People Who Have No Lives So They Spend All Their Time Posting On Blogs No One Is Really Reading...Yeah that sounds legit.

Hi, My name is Killjoy and I'm addicted to blogging. ha ha. Well, admitting it is the first step right? are some more pictures. Peaceful, inspiring, and not made by me. ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Support...Abortion

Okay, so new thing on here. I'm gonna start actually saying what I support. Only once in a while though because it's really hard to make this posts sound non-judgmental. Just remember that I do not judge other people's opinions, in fact I encourage your sharing them. I'll try to stick with how I've been approaching things so far but...okay here goes.
I support abortion. I am completely pro-choice and don't try and tell me I'll go to hell because of it because only God makes that decision. For me and for everyone. Does that sound bad, since I'm a Catholic, and you'd think "killing" would be non-peaceful. I have reasons, I promise. I'll start by saying I would never, ever be able to have an abortion but that's just me. I don't so much support the fact that it is in a sense killing a human being. I understand that some people think of abortion this way. I support the option. Women fought for so long to get rights and I think having a kid or not should be a choice given to us. I would like to say I don't support abortion because I don't think it should be a woman's first choice. Unfortunately, there are so many unwanted babies in the world that I feel sometimes not having a child would be of benefit to that child. I look at it in a somewhat religious way. I think that sometimes a child's life with God would be so much better than the life that they would be given on earth. I realize that if my mother had chosen abortion, I wouldn't be here. Yes, I have an argument for that too. My mom loved me enough to have me, as did all of yours. Some women just don't love what they've produced. why should those innocent children suffer? Be abused, killed even and they have no way of defending themselves.
Okay, so I should get a little bit more specific because at this point I probably sound like some crazy chick that likes the thought of killing babies. As I said before, I don't. I honestly do not love the thought of it but I don't know every situation. If a woman is raped, has medical problems, or anything to that affect I really think abortion is an option. Maybe not the best one, but it's something nonetheless. I'd rather hear of someone having an abortion than someone giving a child a horrible life. If a woman really can't support a child and she knows that then I think it would be better to give it up for adoption, but I can see why she would choose an abortion. You have to think of what a woman that really does love their child would have to go through. If she can't support it and she can't live with herself giving it up for adoption, maybe not having it sounds like an okay option. It really just depends on the situation (for me anyway) and I don't think people should judge the option because sometimes it's the best choice for the woman and the child.
So, point is, my opinion on abortion is a little...odd. I don't have one feeling toward it. I don't think it's a first option and it should definitely not be taken lightly. Doing the things (you know what I mean when I say "things") you do to have babies, you should definitely go in thinking you could get pregnant but things happen. People make mistakes. So, I support the woman that have made the choice to have an abortion because I have absolutely no right to judge them. I support being given the option, because every woman has a different story. I do not support whoring around and using abortion as an easy escape.
I'm going to have sooooo many people hate me for this and it completely goes against my religion but I have a right to my own opinion. I don't expect anyone to feel the way I do about this but...I'll throw it out to the world anyway. Again, hateful comments will be reported and deleted but I do want to know your opinion and I will respect it, as long as your respectful towards mine. This only has to do with PEACE because it's such a touchy debate topic. Everyone fights over it but really they only fight over the idea of it. Not really the women involved or the different situations at hand. Anyway, this is really long so I'll just stop writing now. Before that though you should go here if you agree with my opinions cause it's a pretty cool website (it's also where I got the picture). --->

Big Kids With Big Fears...

When we're little we fear the dark, the boogyman, bugs, all kinds of stuff that most of us grow out of at some point. Some of those fears stay with us though. My biggest biggest fear is showing my writing. Not exactly the kind i do on here (though I'm never extremely confident in this either), but more my creative writing. I love writing, more than I like doing most other things, but I just don't know what people are going to say. And I think that's what drives a lot of our fears. Not knowing. We're scared of the dark because we can't see as well, therefore we don't know some of what's happening. We're scared of bugs because we don't know if they'll kill us, make us sick, whatever. In seventh grade I had a teacher that made us write creative pieces almost all the time. That's actually when I decided i really liked it, but thing is we had to present what we wrote. Unfortunately, my teacher seemed to think I was actually good at writing and would make me read more than others or she would let students read what I didn't present as a possible inspiration for their own writing. It was flattering and freakishly annoying at the same time. Though I never got very much criticism, aside from conventional mistakes, I hated it. I'm still not over that, and I'm not sure if I'll ever be but that won't stop me from writing. No one can make you not do what you love most.
So at this point you're probably saying "Dude, this is way off topic. Why are you talking about this?" I'm talking about this as an ode to those who influence us. The artists, politicians, visionaries, those who fight for what they believe in. All of those people we may not know personally but inspire us to help make a change. I would imagine a lot of those people had fears. Maybe public speaking, camera shy, who knows? We don't, because they conquered that fear for the bigger picture. They thought it was so important to share their thoughts that they got over it and gave us their voice (figuratively in some cases). Just because someone speaks out doesn't mean they don't have fears. For those who have fears, it stops you sometimes. Especially if you're fighting for something that not everyone is going to agree with you on. The risk many people take is being shot down (again, figuratively but quite literally in some cases) and meeting their full potential in the fight. Take the risk, look past your fears because if you believe in something it is absolutely worth it. Support helps you get over those fears and helps you keep on fighting, even when you're having doubts. Thank you all for reading this and giving me a little bit of support and helping keep up the writing. I love you all!!

Angry Face For You!!

So....cyber bullying. If you don't know what that is, it's basically threatening or hurtful messages sent in texts, emails, and any social networking site. It's happened to all of us, or at least most of us. It's not fun and it hurts just as much as something being said to your face. If you are someone that has decided it's okay to send this stuff, you have some major issues kid. Sometimes you don't think of the effects a text message can have but it really isn't something to play around with. Calling someone a loser, poser, what have you, isn't nice whether it's said face to face or through a message. I've talked about a form of bullying before but this is different because sometimes you can say something and not really know you're bullying someone. All you have to remember is that if you don't have something nice to say, DON'T SAY IT!! If you think someone's Facebook post is stupid, keep that to yourself. If you think someone's a poser, don't send them a text because it's not something they need to know anyway. If you're doing it to play around, just wait until you're with that person face to face when they can see for sure you are just kidding. Writing "jk" on something doesn't make it better, it doesn't change what you said. Things sound different online, they can be interpreted different, and sometimes you can get in major trouble with someone without truly trying to hurt them. If you have been cyber bullied, it's okay. Like I said it's happened to all of us. Just ignore it because those people aren't worth your time. If they can't even say it to your face then they're not worth arguing with.
Go here to help spread the PEACE and STOP cyber bullying. ------>

Monday, January 10, 2011

Fabulous Killjoy's Words of Inspiration for the Day

These pictures aren't really about peace exactly but they're kind of cute and inspirational. Maybe they can inspire to make your voice heard, whether it's about PEACE or not. I just want to remind you that the people that inspire us have the courage to speak out. May you all find it in yourselves to make yourself heard.  ;) I love you all, and I believe you can make a difference. =)