Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Support...Abortion

Okay, so new thing on here. I'm gonna start actually saying what I support. Only once in a while though because it's really hard to make this posts sound non-judgmental. Just remember that I do not judge other people's opinions, in fact I encourage your sharing them. I'll try to stick with how I've been approaching things so far but...okay here goes.
I support abortion. I am completely pro-choice and don't try and tell me I'll go to hell because of it because only God makes that decision. For me and for everyone. Does that sound bad, since I'm a Catholic, and you'd think "killing" would be non-peaceful. I have reasons, I promise. I'll start by saying I would never, ever be able to have an abortion but that's just me. I don't so much support the fact that it is in a sense killing a human being. I understand that some people think of abortion this way. I support the option. Women fought for so long to get rights and I think having a kid or not should be a choice given to us. I would like to say I don't support abortion because I don't think it should be a woman's first choice. Unfortunately, there are so many unwanted babies in the world that I feel sometimes not having a child would be of benefit to that child. I look at it in a somewhat religious way. I think that sometimes a child's life with God would be so much better than the life that they would be given on earth. I realize that if my mother had chosen abortion, I wouldn't be here. Yes, I have an argument for that too. My mom loved me enough to have me, as did all of yours. Some women just don't love what they've produced. why should those innocent children suffer? Be abused, killed even and they have no way of defending themselves.
Okay, so I should get a little bit more specific because at this point I probably sound like some crazy chick that likes the thought of killing babies. As I said before, I don't. I honestly do not love the thought of it but I don't know every situation. If a woman is raped, has medical problems, or anything to that affect I really think abortion is an option. Maybe not the best one, but it's something nonetheless. I'd rather hear of someone having an abortion than someone giving a child a horrible life. If a woman really can't support a child and she knows that then I think it would be better to give it up for adoption, but I can see why she would choose an abortion. You have to think of what a woman that really does love their child would have to go through. If she can't support it and she can't live with herself giving it up for adoption, maybe not having it sounds like an okay option. It really just depends on the situation (for me anyway) and I don't think people should judge the option because sometimes it's the best choice for the woman and the child.
So, point is, my opinion on abortion is a little...odd. I don't have one feeling toward it. I don't think it's a first option and it should definitely not be taken lightly. Doing the things (you know what I mean when I say "things") you do to have babies, you should definitely go in thinking you could get pregnant but things happen. People make mistakes. So, I support the woman that have made the choice to have an abortion because I have absolutely no right to judge them. I support being given the option, because every woman has a different story. I do not support whoring around and using abortion as an easy escape.
I'm going to have sooooo many people hate me for this and it completely goes against my religion but I have a right to my own opinion. I don't expect anyone to feel the way I do about this but...I'll throw it out to the world anyway. Again, hateful comments will be reported and deleted but I do want to know your opinion and I will respect it, as long as your respectful towards mine. This only has to do with PEACE because it's such a touchy debate topic. Everyone fights over it but really they only fight over the idea of it. Not really the women involved or the different situations at hand. Anyway, this is really long so I'll just stop writing now. Before that though you should go here if you agree with my opinions cause it's a pretty cool website (it's also where I got the picture). --->

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