Monday, January 10, 2011

Jesus Nazis

I have recently discovered the Jesuits and there are some pretty ridiculous but freakishly hilarious conspiracy theories concerning them.  So apparently, the Jesuits sank the Titanic. It's funny right?! Anyway, basically Jesuits are very religious Jesus lovers that are usually considered extremists. Though I will not diss on the Jesuits they do try to push their religion on people. I sincerely despise when people try to push religious beliefs on others. We don't know whose religion is right and whose is wrong. I've talked quite extensively about this before but it's just one of things you can never talk about enough. Anyway, I just thought I'd say I now know some things about the Jesuits. It's all silly but Google "Jesuit conspiracy theories" and you'll find some great stuff. Like seriously some of the funniest things ever!!!

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