Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Big Kids With Big Fears...

When we're little we fear the dark, the boogyman, bugs, all kinds of stuff that most of us grow out of at some point. Some of those fears stay with us though. My biggest biggest fear is showing my writing. Not exactly the kind i do on here (though I'm never extremely confident in this either), but more my creative writing. I love writing, more than I like doing most other things, but I just don't know what people are going to say. And I think that's what drives a lot of our fears. Not knowing. We're scared of the dark because we can't see as well, therefore we don't know some of what's happening. We're scared of bugs because we don't know if they'll kill us, make us sick, whatever. In seventh grade I had a teacher that made us write creative pieces almost all the time. That's actually when I decided i really liked it, but thing is we had to present what we wrote. Unfortunately, my teacher seemed to think I was actually good at writing and would make me read more than others or she would let students read what I didn't present as a possible inspiration for their own writing. It was flattering and freakishly annoying at the same time. Though I never got very much criticism, aside from conventional mistakes, I hated it. I'm still not over that, and I'm not sure if I'll ever be but that won't stop me from writing. No one can make you not do what you love most.
So at this point you're probably saying "Dude, this is way off topic. Why are you talking about this?" I'm talking about this as an ode to those who influence us. The artists, politicians, visionaries, those who fight for what they believe in. All of those people we may not know personally but inspire us to help make a change. I would imagine a lot of those people had fears. Maybe public speaking, camera shy, who knows? We don't, because they conquered that fear for the bigger picture. They thought it was so important to share their thoughts that they got over it and gave us their voice (figuratively in some cases). Just because someone speaks out doesn't mean they don't have fears. For those who have fears, it stops you sometimes. Especially if you're fighting for something that not everyone is going to agree with you on. The risk many people take is being shot down (again, figuratively but quite literally in some cases) and meeting their full potential in the fight. Take the risk, look past your fears because if you believe in something it is absolutely worth it. Support helps you get over those fears and helps you keep on fighting, even when you're having doubts. Thank you all for reading this and giving me a little bit of support and helping keep up the writing. I love you all!!

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