How Can You Help?

Here are some links, youtube videos, pictures, and whatever else I find of people making a difference! May they inspire you. If you find anything, ANYTHING you think I should see or post leave it in a comment on any of my blog posts even if it has nothing to do with the post. Thank you all so much!!

Some Links
Invisible Children- <---amazing foundation!! Help some kids by getting some really cool shirts or bracelets.

TOMS shoes- <----cool shoes and a great foundation. help others my loves!!Seriously, those shoes are SO cute.

Youtube Videos-  <--- this one is simply amazing!! <----This one is sooo cool!! Watch it all the way through!  <---It's so amazing!! I love it sooo much and it actually made me cry. It also makes me so excited for 11/11/11.  <---just one way you can use youtube for something amazing and inspiring!! Help out the Uncultured Project. 

The Trevor Project-  <---against gay bullying...Go there for some support if you need it. <---trevor project blog <---Dear Trevor

STOP cyber bullying- <----You can find out if you are a bully. You can also stop all the trash talk online. 

Stomp Out Bullying- <--- Make the commitment to stop bullying. 

Abortion- <---If you agree with me and support abortion.  It's okay if you don't you are if you do. 

Rachel's Challenge-  <---Accept Rachel's Challenge. It's something we can all do to make a better world!!