Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kiss Me Goodbye, I'm Defying Gravity!

So tonight I saw the play Wicked. I was absolutely inspired. I decided I get inspired by incredibly random stuff. Anyway, if you haven't seen Wicked or read the book (which I have yet read so I don't really know if it's like the musical) it's basically about the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba. She's not evil, but because of appearance people assume she is. A lot of people treat Elphaba mean and rude before they even talk to her. She is truly a good person and no matter how hard she tries to get people to see that, only a couple people really give her the chance. You think I'm going to write about not judging based on appearance right? Wrong, I've done that enough already. Though the play is AMAZING and the music is absolutely epic, the thing that has made me crazy is how freakin' fabulous these people's voices were!! Not seeing where I am going with this? Just wait a little...Seeing them up there just made me think how I could never see a single one of them as a doctor or a lawyer. Their talent just radiated off the stage and I don't think they could be anything else but performers. Yes, I've seen plays and musicals before but I've never really tried to think about their talent much until I actually got a valid opinion on what "talent" is. Seeing people up there doing the best they possibly could at the thing they loved the most is what made the play amazing. Those people truly care about how well they're doing, and we all should care about our jobs right? Thing is, that takes me to the thought of hating my future job. It's a scary thought right? How I'm going to make a life for myself is one of the weirdest and hardest things to think of EVER. At some point I came to the conclusion that we all have voices. I'm far to young to really know what mine is yet, I still have time. We all have a mark to leave on the earth. I don't think we really know how we're changing people, even when we are.  The performers I saw tonight were quite literally, using their voices to make themselves known. Though you might not be a singer, your talent is your voice. I don't know what you wanna be when you grow up but when you get there, just remember that you're changing people's lives. You don't have to be known world-wide to help change the world. Don't let anyone stop you from being who you are. Don't let anyone stop you on your path to be you. Change the world!! DEFY GRAVITY!!

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