Sunday, February 27, 2011

Intentions Mean Very Little

When you put something out to the public you generally have a very specific intention on people's reaction should be. Most of the time, it has to do with how you think you would react. Sometimes you don't think about possible reactions and you just let out whatever seems to pop up in your brain. Those are the times that start scandal. Though your intentions could have been completely innocent, most of what is let out can not be taken back. You can try to dilute whatever has come out of it, but with the internet everything is very public and very open. For example, did any of you hear about the girl on YouTube that posted a video crying and yelling at the people who have left hateful comments. Her father appeared on the screen yelling very loudly. The girl was only eleven and almost all of her videos had very blunt profanity and inappropriate language for such a young kid. Her last video that included the intense yelling made her a YouTube star. Of course, not in the way she intended. Her videos were just for fun I suppose but when her last video went viral almost every YouTuber felt the need to make fun of, someone even made a remixed song out of it. Her intention was to make all the haters leave her alone but it led to thousands of people laughing at her expense. That video and all her others will never go away. Her YouTube channel was deleted but with the amount of people using her clips to make fun of her she will never go away. The same goes for any kind of social networking posts, blog posts, text messages, everything that uses a computer to write. This isn't about bullying because I've already talked about that. I just want to tell you all to think ahead of what people's reaction might be. Posting something that can be possibly offensive is not a good idea. EVERYONE can see it!! If police see it there can be punishment despite the fact that might not have wanted to hurt or offend anyone. Think about what you say because people interpret things in different ways...Just try to be respectful when you say something and listen to what people have to say even if you don't entirely agree with it. =)

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