Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Homo?

I haven't posted in a while because I really wanted to talk about ideas on gay. I had to think a lot about how I could approach this without saying one view is "right" and another is not. I don't want to talk about whether gay is wrong or right and if you decide to comment on such you will be immediately flagged and the comment post will be deleted. Whether you are for it, or against it, this is not the blog post to talk about it. I promise one will be coming when I have more energy to defend my own opinion. Anyway, I want to talk about people who hurt gays. People who kill them, bully them, or think of them as anything less than human, you are bad, sick people. I've noticed that opinions on gay, and any other sexual attraction that isn't man and woman is related heavily to religious background. Thing is, you can completely be against gay without making people's lives miserable. Hurting someone because they're not like you is completely uncalled for, and just plain WRONG. People can say "gay is wrong". Okay, it's one thing to say that and another to say "you're gay so I hope you burn in hell." Yes, I've heard it and I am completely disgusted by it. Bullying is wrong no matter what kind it is but it seems no one thinks of the affects of being called a "faggot" can really have on someone. It's awful, and if anyone reading this has purposely hurt a gay, I don't want you on my page. Like I said, it is okay to not be for gays, it's a personal belief and we're all entitled to our own views but does that make it okay to KILL a homosexual? Call them bad names? Beat them up? In my opinion, NO!! It's actually called heterosexism which is basically prejudice for people who are not heterosexual, or straight.This post is one I am extremely passionate about. There are kids killing themselves everyday because of not being accepted. Get to know someone before you decide you don't like them okay? Their sexuality doesn't define the kind of person they are. I am completely heterosexual, but I would never, ever purposely hurt someone that wasn't like me. No one else should either. We've all been bullied, and no one likes it. In fact, I happen to know what it's like when you feel unaccepted, insecure, and just different because some people didn't want to give me the chance. Of course it wasn't concerning my sexuality but it all hurts. Why would I want to make someone else feel like that because I don't want to give them the chance? As I've said before in earlier posts, initial judgement isn't based on the kind of person you are really interacting with but getting to know someone can never hurt. Anyway, this is getting really long, mostly because I'm so passionate about it. If anyone is ever feeling bullied, believe me I know what it's like and I'd love to help you through it. Just send me a message or something. Even if it's not about homosexual things, if it's anything at all trust me, I'll understand, or at least try to. Or you could visit my "How can you help" page and it'll have some links to other places you can visit You're not alone, try not to let people get to you too much. There's always someone that will care about you and wants to help you. How can we achieve PEACE if there's so much hate? Love each other. =)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This is an absolutely AMAZING video!! I love it! If anyone finds anything else like this please leave a link to it in comment section! This is just one example of how ANYONE can spread PEACE. =) <-----click that!! do it!! now!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Religion, My Christmas

Though this isn't really about peace, I would like to share my holidays. My other blog ( will have some other end of the year thoughts but I really feel religion is such a HUGE part of peace. We all need to accept all religions, even if we don't agree. What better time to do that when most of us have some huge celebration this time of month? I am Christian-Catholic. I believe today (December 25) was the birth of our savior, our messiah, Jesus Christ. I have quite a bit of Catholic education to share but I'll just share some things that many might not know about Christmas. First off, most nativity sets are a lie. The reason they are a lie is because the Wise Men didn't actually get there on day the Jesus was born. They got there many days later to bear their gifts. Something else about the Three Wise Men, there were actually four. One got lost (I don't remember how) and never presented his gift to the Holy Family. This isn't so much an unknown fact as much as something people might just not notice but the Wise Men's gifts were extremely morbid. Since Jesus was born to die for our sins, they brought gifts to Mary for his death. The three gifts were what people back then used for burial ceremonies. Though they were extremely expensive and all, they must have been a major kill-joy for Mary!! The whole date of Jesus' birth is way off. There is no official date in the bible since it was written before modern calenders and all. December 25 was actually an extremely important Roman holiday. I don't know how all that got changed but I do know we don't know when Jesus was born. Scientists think it was somewhere around April but they can't be sure. Anyway, I'm not going to get into anymore facts though I have many more. I want to know why you celebrate your holiday. =)

Oh, The Holidays...

No matter what religion you are now is a glorious time of celebration. I'll start off by saying I hope you are all safe, well, healthy, and able to share this time with everyone special and dear to you this holiday season. It is currently 2:49am and I should really go to sleep but I can't, so what better time to write than right now.Writing about the holidays seems strange to me. I don't know why, it's just like one second I was super excited about Christmas and then it was over.  Though I would love to say all families are together and happy, it is unfortunate that some are not. I hope we all send out our prayers to those over seas fighting for our country. There is no better time for peace than the holidays. A time for forgiveness and love. I don't have much to say, but may you all a blessed holiday season. Try to remember those less fortunate. I love you all. =)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Are You Pretty? No...You're Beautiful!!

Most of us like to think that we don't judge others based purely on their appearance. We don't, in a lot of ways (most of us anyway) but our society focuses a lot on "pretty". Many of us strive to gain social acceptance through how we dress, how we do our hair, silly things that actually mean a lot to how we're perceived as people. If I have a designer purse does that make me better, richer, smarter, in anyway superior to someone that doesn't? No, not on most accounts, but people think that way. Is someone that works at Holister able to sell better than someone at Hot Topic? Through personal experience, I say no. Who we are isn't defined by how we look or where we work or even what we say. Not really, but they do matter in a lot of ways because they are what people judge us on before they really get to know us. It's not really a bad thing, it's just how people work. What is bad though is thinking you're better than someone else based on such unimportant things. So, back to "pretty". Of course I judge whether I think someone is "pretty" or attractive off first meeting but I find that usually changes after I get to know people. It's a really bad habit but if I find I really hate someone or strongly dislike someone I find something wrong with their appearance to go along with why I hate their personality. It's really mean and I should really not do it but I do. What does this have to do with PEACE? I was just thinking about what makes people think like this. Mostly media right? Telling us the thinner you are, the younger you look, the better your hair is, the fancier you dress, the more people will love you. How can we achieve peace when we're always judging people by outer appearance? I'm not saying what I do is peaceful in anyway, in fact it's something I really need to work on but I wouldn't have my first judgement of how attractive someone is if it weren't for so much media involvement. No one would, in fact if the media told us that greasy, unwashed hair was the new fad, most people would look for that to see if someone is really in on the styles, and there for "better". So, not such a "peace" topic but I think judgement is a huge part of personal peace so I thought it'd be something good to talk about. Looks really don't matter when it comes to the kind of person you are. I think we all need to work a little on how we judge other people's appearance. Hardly anyone is innocent of such thoughts. We all also need to stop worrying so much about if people like us or not. If you look in the mirror and like what you see then you're absolutely perfect. There are always people who want to put you down but be the peace-maker and find it in yourself to forgive them for that. You're BEAUTIFUL and don't let anyone, not even the TV tell you otherwise. ;)

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I'll start off by saying I am one of the most liberal Christian-Catholics you'll ever meet. I believe in my religion, in God, Jesus, and the Holy Bible. Thing is I have my own interpretation of all of it. I have my own beliefs and no one can change them. One of the most offending things I've ever heard is that I'm not really a Catholic because I don't agree with everything a priest tells me. Funny part about that is, I've heard it from peole who aren't even Catholic. Who is anyone to judge what someone else believes? This isn't a debate over whether my, or any other person's religion is true, untrue, real, fake, wrong, or right. We all have our own beliefs that help make us who we are. Even people who don't have any kind of specific religion they follow, if they never hurt anyone why should you call them bad people just because they don't believe as you do? As I have stated before it is never bad to get people to see your side, your religion, your views, what have you. If someone believes strongly in whatever, especially religion you have to respect that. I can not condemn anyone to hell,it's not my job, I believe that is of a higher power. If someone believes that unicorns are the real god and we're all merely unicorn poop who am I to say they'll spend eternity in the firey depths when they could be the ones that are right? This is an extremely long post because I have a lot to say on this. None of us know if our religion is the absolute and only right view. In fact, that is the base of religion, believing in something to help explain things our minds just can't fathom. Religion is belief no matter how strongly you do in fact believe in something. I like to think I give all people a chance if they give me a chance. No religion, looks, or anything else really matters. I'm not gonna lie, I don't just talk to everyone (I'm just not good at being friendly) but if someone is nice to me then I'll sure as heck be nice to them. Why shouldn't I? One thing I absolutely agree with that priests have taught me is that we are all made in a perfect deign and each and every one of us is equal. My personal belief is that there is a God and he loves us and believes in our ability to do good with no discrimination. He loves us all until we give him a reason to lose his trust. That is my own belief though, and I expect no one else to agree. Well, my point is religion is personal and should stay that way...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Against War

Hmmm? Just Some Thoughts...

The most popular post on this blog page is the one entitled "Obama vs. Bush". When I first posted that I actually thought it would offend some people because the title kind of implies that I was discussing my choosing one over the other. If that was expected then I'm sorry to disappoint. I actually don't like to discuss political views mostly because it's not something I'm extremely passionate about.  Also, I realize that "peace" is not obtained by following whatever authority figures tell you to think or do. Though it's important to have someone to run our country, I don't necessarily find it important to continue discussing why someone should have won over another. When all is said and done, you're the only one that can stand up for yourself. People of power are there to be feared and respected but if you want something you should never let that get in your way. If people were always too afraid to talk we wouldn't have women's rights, equality, and so much more. Don't be afraid, there are always be people to stand by you. And even if there aren't, if it's important to you then it's worth everything you're willing to put into it.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Love is Our Weapon

"Love is the weapon for this wounded generation"--Never Shout Never. <3 So, I feel the need to talk about music. I feel like Never Shout Never is like a modern-day peace-promoting band, as well as other artist such as Michael Franti. It just seems that not enough people care about PEACE, yes many will sing about the war but not in a way that calls for an end. Not enough, anyway. From the 60's and 70's on the other hand, it's like an epic parade of peace lovers. So, if you are reading this I want your favorite peace-loving band or artist of all time. Mine is hands down John Lennon, or even The Beatles as a whole... ;)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

We're All On This Earth!

The little, sweet moments that make you smile are what make life beautiful. Seeing the flame of candle light or the beautiful colors in a flower make you remember how you're just one small character in a very large production. What does this have to do with peace? Well, part of peace is knowledge of other creatures in the world. People and not-so-people included. I don't have a lot to say about this, it was just on my mind. =)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

21st century

This is my second post of the day. Why? Because I have a lot on my mind...duh! So what I was just thinking about was how to some people, on some degree, color of skin still matters. No matter how many scientists tell us we're basically the same with small changes that helped us adapt over time, not everyone wants to look at it that way. I've heard silly things about how some ethnic groups just aren't as smart as others. To that I say, you are ignorant. Why would you love someone or even decide how smart they are based purely on the shade of their skin or some small facial features? Though racism is extremely frowned upon by quite a lot of people, and most of the time is practically non-existent, there are still just some of those people who say really offensive comments. Other races can assume that you're certain things because your skin is light or dark but what they think can be just mean or hurtful. It's all just a form judgement, something not fair and really rude.

Obama vs. Bush

Is it really a debate for people to still dwell over? Obama won the election and that's all there is to it until the next time...I sincerely doubt the president has nothing better to do with his time but complain about Bush. I respect both men for  the position they were GIVEN by Americans. To talk bad about someone, in an extremely disrespectful way isn't, in my opinion, right at all. For instance, I hear a lot that  "I hate  _____". Though you might hate their political work, you don't know them in a personal way so how could you HATE them? In all honesty I lean more towards liberal, Democratic views but I'm not going to hate on Republicans...Why focus on so much hate on one person? I completely understand disagreements, debate, and fighting for what you think is right, those are the most important things to deal with though. All the negative energy you waste on finding every reason to hate a political figure is stopping you from taking a stand for what you think is right.

Some Touchy Topics...

There are many subjects of debate where our opinions are affected by religion and background. This includes gay rights, and abortion. I am not going to express my opinion on these and I don't want anyone else to either because they are topics that will never be decided on. That is my point, why fight about opinions? You can try to get people to see your side of things and you can try to change their opinion but you shouldn't push what you believe on other people. Like I said I'm not going to express whether or not I believe in these epic debate topics but I will say that I believe everyone should be loved for who they are. We don't know everyone's situation so I'm not going to judge such views as a whole. I would much rather make it a personal one on one dislike or love. If I have a reason to disagree with someone's decision about abortion I will, but I'm not going to judge the idea as a whole.  Anyway, that's just me, and you're not going to change my opinion. All I have to say is JUDGING IS MEAN!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pictures of Peace =)

And so I created another blog...

I have recently created a personal blog that has absolutely no point so I decided to create another blog that had only one topic. The topic I am dying to spread is PEACE. Why peace, you ask? Well, with the current war, judgement, and all the other hate-like craziness going on in this beautiful home we call Earth I decided to share a teenage perspective to this whole situation. And so, you may call me a hippie, earth muffin, what have you, but I promote peace and fixing of the planet. Yes, your fabulous kill joy wants nothing but world peace!!! Anyway, I plan on posting certain topics such as equal rights, media and it's shinanagins (I don't know if I spelled that right), and other such craziness.Anyway, even if no one looks at this page, I feel like I'm making a contribution to world peace. =)