Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Homo?

I haven't posted in a while because I really wanted to talk about ideas on gay. I had to think a lot about how I could approach this without saying one view is "right" and another is not. I don't want to talk about whether gay is wrong or right and if you decide to comment on such you will be immediately flagged and the comment post will be deleted. Whether you are for it, or against it, this is not the blog post to talk about it. I promise one will be coming when I have more energy to defend my own opinion. Anyway, I want to talk about people who hurt gays. People who kill them, bully them, or think of them as anything less than human, you are bad, sick people. I've noticed that opinions on gay, and any other sexual attraction that isn't man and woman is related heavily to religious background. Thing is, you can completely be against gay without making people's lives miserable. Hurting someone because they're not like you is completely uncalled for, and just plain WRONG. People can say "gay is wrong". Okay, it's one thing to say that and another to say "you're gay so I hope you burn in hell." Yes, I've heard it and I am completely disgusted by it. Bullying is wrong no matter what kind it is but it seems no one thinks of the affects of being called a "faggot" can really have on someone. It's awful, and if anyone reading this has purposely hurt a gay, I don't want you on my page. Like I said, it is okay to not be for gays, it's a personal belief and we're all entitled to our own views but does that make it okay to KILL a homosexual? Call them bad names? Beat them up? In my opinion, NO!! It's actually called heterosexism which is basically prejudice for people who are not heterosexual, or straight.This post is one I am extremely passionate about. There are kids killing themselves everyday because of not being accepted. Get to know someone before you decide you don't like them okay? Their sexuality doesn't define the kind of person they are. I am completely heterosexual, but I would never, ever purposely hurt someone that wasn't like me. No one else should either. We've all been bullied, and no one likes it. In fact, I happen to know what it's like when you feel unaccepted, insecure, and just different because some people didn't want to give me the chance. Of course it wasn't concerning my sexuality but it all hurts. Why would I want to make someone else feel like that because I don't want to give them the chance? As I've said before in earlier posts, initial judgement isn't based on the kind of person you are really interacting with but getting to know someone can never hurt. Anyway, this is getting really long, mostly because I'm so passionate about it. If anyone is ever feeling bullied, believe me I know what it's like and I'd love to help you through it. Just send me a message or something. Even if it's not about homosexual things, if it's anything at all trust me, I'll understand, or at least try to. Or you could visit my "How can you help" page and it'll have some links to other places you can visit You're not alone, try not to let people get to you too much. There's always someone that will care about you and wants to help you. How can we achieve PEACE if there's so much hate? Love each other. =)

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