Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Obama vs. Bush

Is it really a debate for people to still dwell over? Obama won the election and that's all there is to it until the next time...I sincerely doubt the president has nothing better to do with his time but complain about Bush. I respect both men for  the position they were GIVEN by Americans. To talk bad about someone, in an extremely disrespectful way isn't, in my opinion, right at all. For instance, I hear a lot that  "I hate  _____". Though you might hate their political work, you don't know them in a personal way so how could you HATE them? In all honesty I lean more towards liberal, Democratic views but I'm not going to hate on Republicans...Why focus on so much hate on one person? I completely understand disagreements, debate, and fighting for what you think is right, those are the most important things to deal with though. All the negative energy you waste on finding every reason to hate a political figure is stopping you from taking a stand for what you think is right.

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