Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Religion, My Christmas

Though this isn't really about peace, I would like to share my holidays. My other blog ( will have some other end of the year thoughts but I really feel religion is such a HUGE part of peace. We all need to accept all religions, even if we don't agree. What better time to do that when most of us have some huge celebration this time of month? I am Christian-Catholic. I believe today (December 25) was the birth of our savior, our messiah, Jesus Christ. I have quite a bit of Catholic education to share but I'll just share some things that many might not know about Christmas. First off, most nativity sets are a lie. The reason they are a lie is because the Wise Men didn't actually get there on day the Jesus was born. They got there many days later to bear their gifts. Something else about the Three Wise Men, there were actually four. One got lost (I don't remember how) and never presented his gift to the Holy Family. This isn't so much an unknown fact as much as something people might just not notice but the Wise Men's gifts were extremely morbid. Since Jesus was born to die for our sins, they brought gifts to Mary for his death. The three gifts were what people back then used for burial ceremonies. Though they were extremely expensive and all, they must have been a major kill-joy for Mary!! The whole date of Jesus' birth is way off. There is no official date in the bible since it was written before modern calenders and all. December 25 was actually an extremely important Roman holiday. I don't know how all that got changed but I do know we don't know when Jesus was born. Scientists think it was somewhere around April but they can't be sure. Anyway, I'm not going to get into anymore facts though I have many more. I want to know why you celebrate your holiday. =)

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