Monday, December 20, 2010

Are You Pretty? No...You're Beautiful!!

Most of us like to think that we don't judge others based purely on their appearance. We don't, in a lot of ways (most of us anyway) but our society focuses a lot on "pretty". Many of us strive to gain social acceptance through how we dress, how we do our hair, silly things that actually mean a lot to how we're perceived as people. If I have a designer purse does that make me better, richer, smarter, in anyway superior to someone that doesn't? No, not on most accounts, but people think that way. Is someone that works at Holister able to sell better than someone at Hot Topic? Through personal experience, I say no. Who we are isn't defined by how we look or where we work or even what we say. Not really, but they do matter in a lot of ways because they are what people judge us on before they really get to know us. It's not really a bad thing, it's just how people work. What is bad though is thinking you're better than someone else based on such unimportant things. So, back to "pretty". Of course I judge whether I think someone is "pretty" or attractive off first meeting but I find that usually changes after I get to know people. It's a really bad habit but if I find I really hate someone or strongly dislike someone I find something wrong with their appearance to go along with why I hate their personality. It's really mean and I should really not do it but I do. What does this have to do with PEACE? I was just thinking about what makes people think like this. Mostly media right? Telling us the thinner you are, the younger you look, the better your hair is, the fancier you dress, the more people will love you. How can we achieve peace when we're always judging people by outer appearance? I'm not saying what I do is peaceful in anyway, in fact it's something I really need to work on but I wouldn't have my first judgement of how attractive someone is if it weren't for so much media involvement. No one would, in fact if the media told us that greasy, unwashed hair was the new fad, most people would look for that to see if someone is really in on the styles, and there for "better". So, not such a "peace" topic but I think judgement is a huge part of personal peace so I thought it'd be something good to talk about. Looks really don't matter when it comes to the kind of person you are. I think we all need to work a little on how we judge other people's appearance. Hardly anyone is innocent of such thoughts. We all also need to stop worrying so much about if people like us or not. If you look in the mirror and like what you see then you're absolutely perfect. There are always people who want to put you down but be the peace-maker and find it in yourself to forgive them for that. You're BEAUTIFUL and don't let anyone, not even the TV tell you otherwise. ;)

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