Sunday, December 19, 2010


I'll start off by saying I am one of the most liberal Christian-Catholics you'll ever meet. I believe in my religion, in God, Jesus, and the Holy Bible. Thing is I have my own interpretation of all of it. I have my own beliefs and no one can change them. One of the most offending things I've ever heard is that I'm not really a Catholic because I don't agree with everything a priest tells me. Funny part about that is, I've heard it from peole who aren't even Catholic. Who is anyone to judge what someone else believes? This isn't a debate over whether my, or any other person's religion is true, untrue, real, fake, wrong, or right. We all have our own beliefs that help make us who we are. Even people who don't have any kind of specific religion they follow, if they never hurt anyone why should you call them bad people just because they don't believe as you do? As I have stated before it is never bad to get people to see your side, your religion, your views, what have you. If someone believes strongly in whatever, especially religion you have to respect that. I can not condemn anyone to hell,it's not my job, I believe that is of a higher power. If someone believes that unicorns are the real god and we're all merely unicorn poop who am I to say they'll spend eternity in the firey depths when they could be the ones that are right? This is an extremely long post because I have a lot to say on this. None of us know if our religion is the absolute and only right view. In fact, that is the base of religion, believing in something to help explain things our minds just can't fathom. Religion is belief no matter how strongly you do in fact believe in something. I like to think I give all people a chance if they give me a chance. No religion, looks, or anything else really matters. I'm not gonna lie, I don't just talk to everyone (I'm just not good at being friendly) but if someone is nice to me then I'll sure as heck be nice to them. Why shouldn't I? One thing I absolutely agree with that priests have taught me is that we are all made in a perfect deign and each and every one of us is equal. My personal belief is that there is a God and he loves us and believes in our ability to do good with no discrimination. He loves us all until we give him a reason to lose his trust. That is my own belief though, and I expect no one else to agree. Well, my point is religion is personal and should stay that way...

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