Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby, I Was Born This Way!!

So...Lady GaGa...Some call her crazy, I call her pretty dang cool. I don't think you can really call any artist crazy if you don't know them on a personal level. That's totally not what I want to talk about but I do kind of want to talk a little bit about media. Why do people tend to pay more attention to negative media? Since when is it admirable for guys to sing about "bangin hot chicks". The thing that absolutely baffles me is how women listen to this music. Women fight years to get equal rights and yet it's extremely common to find a women who has absolutely no problem with "artists" disrespecting their... feminineness. Not saying I'm feminist or anything. Women in the media do it to. Of course, it's just far more common with rap. Not saying I don't listen to rap, because I do. The thing that bothers me with women in the media however is how they make it soooo easy for men to talk. Almost all of them expose themselves and have racy, sexual songs. Lady GaGa of course is definitely one of those women that exposes her nasties all over the place. I just like her music, I don't know her personally. That's the matter how much you want to disrespect music artists for the racy stuff they do, it's like you can't because almost every artist out there is doing it. I don't really have any kind of point to this...It's just kind of random babbling. Not my best post, I was just thinking about it. Maybe later I'll able to develop a full idea on this...

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