Monday, June 13, 2011


So, I completely disappeared in back in May and my posts in April were pretty dumb and kind of pointless. I have a few reasons for that. First, my grandmother passed away in March. Which explains why I only had one post in March. Then, in April I was in a musical. That occupied almost all of my time so I never really had time to write or focus on anything outside of school and the musical. May was all about the end of school jazz. I had finals and this other stuff that just did not allow me to really sit down and think about anything peaceful. I'm sorry if more recent posts have been kind of silly and pointless but I think I've gotten back into the action this past month. My posts will have pics again because it seems as if I have forgotten that a post with no pictures is just plain boring. Anyway, back to the peace. My goal for the rest of the year is to really sit down and write as much as I can on here or on my other blog at least once a week. My other blog is going under major reconstruction so I promise I will try to make those posts less silly over there. So, anyway guys. I'm back, and I'm ready to focus yet again on peace and all that stuff. 
Told ya I'd get back into the picture thing. ;)

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